SB-Microstep Systems

For the professional market we make complete driver units including costum made interfaces for your system. The drive units come in table housing but can also be fitted into a standard 19'' rack.

The basic unit is the powerfull SBMS 4 or SBMS 7 Microstepping stepper motor driver, capable of delivering 4 or 7 amps a phase in micro-stepping mode..

The system is completed with a Power unit specially made for delivering the right amount of power for motors, logic and relays and of course the system adaptable to the processor unit you want to use.

With an interface to the Controler unit (Ie: Isel Interface UI 4 en UI5 or the flashcut unit) all your driving wishes are in reach.

An example of a build unit were the customers wish was: Build a unit switchable between a 2,5 D Isel UI 4 for the standard production and an LPT port for computer controlled 4D test production.

Our solution:

4 Axis control, 3 Axis locked to the Isel unit UI 4 switchable to a 4 Axis control via the LPT port of a computert. The unit is also equiped with 4 switches, via the frontpanel accesebel, 220V outputs, switched via relays, for manual or automatic switching a lathe and mill unit, the vacuum cleaner and a vacuumunit.